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Barcelona, Spain

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Sitges & Barcelona

Flying to Spain was wonderful. Norwegian Airlines was comfortable and very friendly.

The flight from Oakland to Barcelona was direct and overnight so I went to sleep and woke up in Spain.

I highly recommend going first class like I did because that allowed enough space for my bed.

The flight attendants were wonderful, friendly and helpful.

What you will need:

Be sure to see your vet exactly TWO WEEKS before your trip. Make the appointment in advance.

If you go too early the papers will not be valid.

The vet will will out papers specifically for Spain showing health and shot records.

This exam costs between $80-100.

The certificate alone costs an additional $120


There is a new and mandatory step. This certificate needs to be mailed or taken in person to an APHIS Office. Click here for the official link.

The charge is about $70 to put an official seal on the documents provided by your vet. 

This document is checked in Spain and you can not go through without it.

The APHIS office takes appointments but they are mostly booked and this document is time sensitive so be sure to call them ASAP to make arrangements.



Outdoor cafes and plazas are fine but dogs are not allowed inside restaurants, museums and churches.

Paris is 100% more dog friendly.

It is gorgeous for strolling, shopping is also great, stores don't seem to mind dogs.

"Service" dogs are not allowed, only seeing-eye dogs.

Trains allow dogs but some buses do not.



NOT a good idea to go to Park Guell as a dog....

This is the famous park designed by Gaudi.

One would think it's a "park" but really it is like Disneyland!

You arrive and have to purchase a ticket with a time slot,

usually a 2-3hr wait period. Once inside, there are hundreds

of tourists and dogs are not allowed. It is out of the way,

a little tricky to get to so it would be a shame to arrive and

find out you can't get in. I stayed home for that one.

Overall, I would say, Spain was gorgeous and fun, the town of Sitges has MANY dogs, cute little fashion dogs but their businesses are not too welcoming although the dog 'owners' are amazing!

Visit but have an apartment or house where you can stay for the day while your parents do the sight-seeing.

To read about my "NIGHTMARE IN NORWAY"

#Say NO to Norway!


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