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bella and chloe pig
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Vino Gallery

My adventures in St. Louis

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My mom taught at Washington University. I got to go with her! 

I especially loved the fashion show at the end of the semester.



Frazer's Restaurant and Lounge

In Benton Park/Soulard. One of my favorites! Dogs are welcomed in their sidewalk seating. 
The menu is wonderful, lots of choices for everyone, meat, seafood, vegetarian. Special $5 lunch deals during the weekn including steak burgers.That's what I order! Great service and beautiful bar. Frazer always feeds me people food. I love him!!!!

Four Seasons

Cielo Restaurant at the Four Seasons

I have to say, when I hear "Four Seasons" my ears perk up! I've never had a bad experience and any Four Seasons. Cielo Restaurant has one of the best views in the city. 
The food is spectacular and you know I love my cocktails, there is a great selection. I enjoyed an Apple Martini because thedoctor recommends eating apples...
The best part is the outdoor seating and view. There is an outdoor fireplace, pools, fountains and comfy oversized seatsto relax and take it all in.
I am not sure about the dog policies, all I know is they love "me".
I think if you are a small, WELL behaved dog you will be fine but do NOT go there and embarrass yourself or me, if you are yappy or obnoxious you need  to stay home or hang out at the dog park, you may not be ready for this level of luxury.

On my last visit, I ran into designer OLA, she was preparing for her upcoming Fashion Show, 
the Puparrazzi was all over me so I was asked to be in the show!
I hear it's a great place to network and I think it's true because I got a modeling job out of my visit!



I love this place! An old converted gas station so there are lots of windows. Nice and bright. It's a little bar and bistro, tapas style menu. Good news dawgs: There is a small patio so weather allowing you can go and hang out! Great service, friendly a nice place to go out for a drink with friends.

Pint Size Bakery




Pint Size Bakery

I liked the name already, seeing how I am pint sized. What a treat, butter, sugar, cream....all the things I love! This bakery is very cute, The girls have style too which is rare in people these days.... There are about 4 chairs outdoors so I was able to enjoy my coffee and delicious crumb cake outside. I would suggest more chairs outside but there is not a whole lot of space.  Girls: You can have more chairs stalked outside to pull out when needed.
Trust me, my dog friends would love to go and they always tip well $!!! I loved everything I tried. There was an oatmeal cookie sandwich filled with cream that was outrageous. I want more!  They also gave me a treat, little did they know I was eating everything else, not the dog treat but hey, that's just me.... the treat was great too.
Can't wait to go back and try more. Thank you. LOVED IT~



I rode over on my Vespa, lovely day. I had heard about Melt and really wanted to try it because they have waffles sweet & savory... it had my attention.
The fact that there is outdoor seating even though it is on Cherokee is a big plus.  Upon arriving, I was warmly greeted by wonderful servers, one in particular: Cassie., she kissed me and pet me. She brought me fresh water, I loved her! 
Kelly, the owner also came to check on me I just love attentive restaurants. A girl can never get enough attention!

I had blueberry waffles with whipped cream as well as the slinger which was a waffle with eggs, beans and all kinds of goodness.
Melt reminds me of San Francisco, very eclectic and laid back. There are couches, big comfy seats and lots to look at.
This place is a fresh addition to St. Louis because when I want to feel bohemian and ultra hipster-ish I can head over to Melt.

My cupcake dress was a hit, I was thinking a food-thematic print was a good idea..There were some super cute kids hanging out and lots of fun people.

The food was delicious and the service outstanding. What's not to love?

I can also walk around after brunch to burn off some calories and look at all the great new shops on Cherokee. Melt is Bella-approved.

Drunken Finsh

The Drunken Fish

I love sushi and more than that, I love a place with outdoor seating and great people and dog watching. Drunken Fish has it all.
Anyway, I love an animal that gets drunk so I had to check out THIS fish! The food is amazing, great variety and they are very dog friendly outside. There is lots of seating available on one of the best corners of the Central West End. My server Jacob was very sweet, so was the hostess, she went over the menu with me. She had a beautiful smile!
I got fresh water right away and lots of attention.
This is definitely one of my top picks!

Bar Freres

Bar Les Freres

When I need a doze of Paris and can't go to Europe, Bar Les Freres is my hang out! It has all of my favorite things: a side walk patio, great food & cocktails, beautiful Frenchie-French décor and a professional staff. I just love great service! They take great care of me, I even got Pâté! Now, don't get your hopes up, I'm sure they don't go around giving Pâté to just "any dog".
If you bark and go there looking like a rag-a-muffin you probably won't get anything but... if you play your cards right, look stylish and behave, maybe you will get the VIP treatment as well.
Every dish looks better from the next. The people I was with just loved everything they ordered. Bar Les Freres is small and quaint and if it's crowded, well, everybody knows that is the BEST sign. It makes for great people watching, socializing and for me it means lots of compliments and petting! The style of decor is very similar to my favorite restaurant in Paris, dark red, gold trim and lots of art on the wall: Le Procope which is the oldest restaurant in Paris.
Click here to see pictures of me and my review on Le Procope.

Vino Gallery

Vino Gallery

A great place to shop for wine to take home or have some there! DOG FRIENDLY inside and out but remember my rules. Do NOT go inside if you are wild, the last thing I need is one of my friends knocking over a wine display $$$! There is a cozy couch, great for sitting and chatting. There is art and also a bar area. Friendly, helpful service. My boyfriend Iggy Pup and I go there often, we cuddle on the couch, a perfect date place. There are tables outside for the wilder K9s...

Iggy Pup has a blog, check it out!

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