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Travel  Tips

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First, DRESS WELL! Less questions are asked when you look good! Get a pawdicure, look good and behave.

Have your short records ready and if traveling internationally, have your vet fill out “FDA” paperwork, it costs about $50 and have that ready. You must arrive at the gate in a bag approved by the airlines.

Take a little bowl for water and some treats.

Other than that, you are set!

Where I shop

I know they say "Safty First".

I've always said: "Fashion First".

Well....Doggles has solved both, I am fashionably safe when riding in a car, scooter or boat!

My dresses are custome made at:

Many designs and prints to choose from and they are made to fit!

My favorite Fashion harness come from LuDog!

Super comfortable and fashionable. Made to fit and lots of colors and print choices. I love

Random Tips

Tutus are always a big hit and when you have nothing to wear borrow your mom's jewelry. Diamonds & pearls are always a good idea....

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