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Bay Area

San Francisco & Berkeley

A guide to dog friendly places in the Bay Area.

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Maiden Lane, San Francisco

Maiden Lane is a great place

to stroll, shop and eat out.

When you are well behaved

you are welcomed 


at Dole & Gabbana,

Christian Louboutin

and Chanel!

Claremont Club & Spa, a Fairmont Hotel

Click for info.


Proper Hotel, San Francisco

Proper Hotel's rooftop 

restaurant and bar are NOT

to be missed. Sorry...NO dogs...

*Bella is excluded from this rule*

Gorgeous views, great music, chill vibe.

The rooftop restaurant/bar is: Charmaine's

Cheese Board

The best pizza in the world! Outside seating, live music and dog friendly! It doesn't get better than that!



A super healthy gourmet pet shop.  They always give me 

treats and have great food, clothes & anything a pup could need.

Visit them and tell them Bella sent you!



No doubt THE BEST for pastries in Berkeley! There is outdoor seating, they bring me treats in a dish and everything the make is amazing! Top quality and taste. Excellent service, lovable people.  When you are in Berkeley you have to try it!


Grogoire is a delicious little restaurant.

You can eat there or take food to go.  

Prepared from scratch and cooked to order using the best natural, organic and imported ingredients from around the world.

There is what I call a "Sniff-Up-Window" and the Chefs always give me treats! *Here's an ediquete tip...please tip the chefs when they give you a treat, I always do! I've seen other dogs there with their owners who just take, and don't give...Food is not free. No one likes a free-loader*

This is a great, fun and friendly place. I love it!




Wow! Right in the heart of Berkeley.

Another one of my favorite pizzas! Outdoor wood oven, micro brewery and live music! Who can ask for more?

There is a great outdoor patio which is dog friendly (only for good dogs though....)

This place is the best! Great food, atmosphere and lots of fun.

The Butcher


Who doesn't love the butcher? This place has the BEST quality meats and bones for dogs!

They always give me treats there and there is fresh water and a little patio outside so I can relax and enjoy my fresh meat....yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Carmel is the most dog-friendly town I have ever visited!

Every restaurant and shop welcomes dogs.

The Cypress Inn is especially ideal for dogs. I went to the restaurant, bar, anywhere I wanted!


Fort Funston

Fort Funston, SF is the ultimate dog beach. 

Flat walks, hills, mountains! Your choice. Beautiful but very cold and foggy year-round! Take your coat.

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