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Oslo, Norway

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Say NO to Norway!

Like their weather, their attitude is chilly and crappy!
Norwegian Airlines was friendly and amazing, so don't misunderstand my upcoming rant.

We left Barcelona on a non-stop (or so I hoped) flight to Oakland. Somewhere over Greenland the plane's computer malfunctioned and the plane made a Uturn, we went to Norway.

Upon arrival, all of the passengers were sent to the 1st floor to collect their baggage, they out to a holding area to wait for instructions.

Wow, what a change of scenery, the friendly airport staff of Spain was no more. Here tall, blond, rigid, soldier-like people marched by giving passenger intimidating looks.

We were stopped and I heard "There are NO dogs allowed to exit the airport". My mom showed them all of the documentation and they said: We are NOT in the EU, this is NOT valid.

I was to be taken to a "shelter". At this time TWO police women came with TWO black police dogs and stood near us as if we were criminals.

A vet was called to come from his home, meanwhile we had to be in detention. Two hours later we were still discussing what would happen. The vet wrote up a $2,000 Krones bill! *Remember, we did not intend to go there, it was an emergency landing. I am healthy, with updated shots but they wanted me put in a scary shelter.

My mom explained that we were not coming to Norway, we had a direct flight and all we wanted was to go to the Hotel with the others and leave the next day.

My mom asked if we could go back up to the 2nd floor and stay in the fist class lounge and they said "NO, you can not leave detention". This area had one cold slab to sit on. Not even one chair. When you pay for a first class ticket you would think you could use the lounge.

These people, (yes..."these people") are so regimented that they can not use common sense. My papers said I was in perfect health and had all of my shots. It was clearly a scam for money.

They are NOT dog friendly, dogs are not allowed in cafes or restaurants, I could barely walk through the airport.  The food was not fit for a dog...forgive the expression. They have burgers that have the texture of spam and wet fish.

Like Sally Field, my mom is awesome and said "NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER"!

She wore them down, the bill for $2000 is in the mail and when it arrives I guess we will dispute it with the airlines. I got to go to the Hotel.

Horrible weather and mean people. You won't be seeing me in Norway any time soon!
Give me the romance-language countries any day where the weather, the food and the people are beautiful!

We also experienced a lady be extorted while we waited. Her dog arrived in a crate, it was a large dog. She showed all of his papers and they asked the value of the dog. She said $550. The agent answered "I choose not to believe you" they priced the dog at "$2,200" and asked her to pay the difference.

This is a very scary place. Be careful.

If you have to go (so sorry for you) talk to your vet and the APHIS agency to make sure you have all you need because these people look for any little detail to extort money.

Say NO to Norway!

This is where we had to sit for

three hours while they figured

out ways to be nasty and

EXTORT money from us!

Nasty weather and mean people.                          Wow mom, how did you mange a smile?

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